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The flowerPOWER Harvester 110 is a commercial-quality (long lasting) LED home grow light that is quickly setting an industry standard for durability, versatility, and yield. The same light that commercial growers are using at scale can bring life to cannabis, herbs, fruits and vegetables in your own home or backyard greenhouse!

Our compact and robust design uses tested and proven LED technology that produces plants with consistent growth and impressive results in flowering.

It’s durable, bright, and extremely energy-efficient. . flowerPOWER’s LED horticulture grow light is engineered to create a maximum of high quality, advanced spectrum light, that uses at least 70% less electricity, and enables plants to flourish with 50% less water.

If indoor cultivation is your passion - The FlowerPOWER Harvester 110 is the most effective grow light you can buy.

Compact, Lightweight, Durable with Advanced Spectrum Performance!

The POWER to Flower

There are four stages of plant growth: Germination, Seedling, Vegetative, and Flower. Most home grow lights are designed for success within one stage, and typically struggle to bring the plant to flower. flowerPOWER recognized this challenge and patented a light recipe that allows you to use one light through all four stages of plant growth. This Advanced Spectrum LED recipe includes UV and IR wave lengths that encourage growth and increase essential plant oils to decrease pests and molds. Plants thrive under Advanced Spectrum LEDs more so than previous generation Full Spectrum LEDs.

Professional Results at Home

The biggest challenge for many home growers and hobbyist is consistency and complexity.

All too often, traditional legacy lighting such as High Pressure Sodium (HPS) and Metal Halide (MH) lights produce uneven coverage, under developed plants, and huge power bills. The excessive heat generated by the lamp dries out plants and requires constant watering. Additionally, these bulky, energy hog of lights can be a pain to install as you need to ensure your circuit breaker can handle the extra power draw.

Remove the challenge – flowerPOWER is easy to use.

Simply plug your flowerPOWER Harvester 110 commercial grade grow (long lasting) light into a standard home outlet using the supplied plug, hang the light-weight fixture (only weighs 8lbs) from the convenient eye bolt, and watch your maintenance free, LED home grow light nourish your plants exactly as commercial growers are doing. For optimal results we recommend using a Black Orchid Hydro Box brand grow tent and a 3ft. x 3ft. grow bed.

Vegetable Plants, Indoor
Vegetable Plants, Indoor
"I am a first time vegetable grower using a grow light. I have tried growing vegetables outdoors as well but I used the flowerPOWER lights in our grow tent and can’t believe the amazing results! The flowerPOWER Harvester 110 grow light has given us a better and healthier end product. Absolutely amazing results!" Patrick - Alberta
LED Light Technology

Albert Plants, Indoor
"I bought clearance tomato plants from a garden centre that were clearly in distress and dying. After three days under my flowerPOWER Harvester 110 Grow Light the plants were flourishing and within weeks they were producing tomatoes! " Albert – Ontario

Cannabis Plants, Indoor
"The flowerPOWER Harvester 110 Grow Light is far superior to the HPS and Fluorescent lights that I have been using for over ten years. I am getting higher yields and healthier plants, all the while using 50% less water and saving 80% on electricity." Darryl - Ontario
preheaderHOW IT WORKS

How flowerPOWER Works

The Harvester 110 home grow light uses tested, proven, and patented commercial LED technology to create an engineered LED light solution that delivers results like no other on the market. Compact, Lightweight, Durable with Advanced Spectrum Performance!


Compact and Lightweight Design

The Harvester 110 LED grow light uses a footprint of only 7in. x 4in. to produce professional results on a 3ft. by 3ft. grow bed. Our compact design was engineered to make the light easy to handle but also to enable the light fixture to double as supplemental lighting in backyard green houses. It is a commercial grade light but compact, only weighing 8lbs.


Passive Cooling Technology

QUIET AND COOL. flowerPOWER LED grow lights utilize a Passive Cooling Technology that incorporates the use of unique Thermal Pins and Passive Cooling Brackets as part of our engineered “Smart, Rapid Cooling Design”. This thermal management technology allows the light to remain bright while keeping the junction temperature at an industry low. This eliminates the need for a noisy fan and increases the lifespan of the light. Reduced heat also means less water; our customers are using 50% less water.


A Broader Light Spectrum

A special recipe for impressive flowering.

flowerPOWER uses high quality Advanced Spectrum LEDs to deliver a patented light recipe that produces results through all four stages of growth. This recipe includes UV and IR wave lengths that encourage growth and increase essential plant oils that can decrease pests and molds. Full Spectrum LED or Legacy Lights just can’t compete. Plants thrive under Advanced Spectrum LEDs more so than previous generation Full Spectrum LEDs.


Super-Efficient LED Lighting

The flowerPOWER Harvester 110 utilizes the latest Advanced Spectrum LED technology and uses only 110 watts of power to light a 4ft. x 4ft. plant bed effectively replacing 400 watt legacy lights.

Our innovative lights deliver big on plant growth - and small on energy bills. With super-efficient Advanced Spectrum LEDs, you’ll produce high yields and save a minimum of 70% on energy costs related to the light. You won’t find this combination/recipe of LEDs in any other grow light, making flowerPOWER your go-to light for professional results at home.


Built for Life

Less time spent on replacing failing or failed lights means more time to work on your green thumb.

At flowerPower we take pride in delivering a product that lasts. The Harvester 110 grow light is engineered using commercial-grade parts and the highest quality LEDs. We refuse to delivery anything less than the best.


Designed with the Environment in Mind

For healthy plants and a healthy planet choose flowerPOWER.

flowerPOWER LED grow lights not only save you money but they are also environmentally friendly. The reduction in electricity and water used alone are big savings for the environment but there is more. flowerPOWER lights are recyclable, designed to last and don’t contain any harmful mercury or lead. Less electricity, less water, and less landfill is a win for the environment.

Loads of Great Benefits in One Compact Light

After years of successful indoor commercial plant cultivation trials – we can offer a premium LED home grow light with a range of unique benefits:

Unique Benefits

Saves energy – uses 110 watts to replace 400 watt legacy lights

Saves water - low operating temperature means less evaporation

Improves yield - special light recipe and high quality advanced spectrum LEDs

Reduces pests and molds - special light recipe

Quiet - Passive Cooling Technology, no need for a noisy fan

Safe - low operating temperature reduces fire risk

Easy to use - compact, lightweight, easy to install

Durable - built to last and backed up with a Limited Lifetime Warranty

Versatile - one light can be used for all four stages of plant growth.

Limited Lifetime Warranty - years of maintenance free performance

Compact, Lightweight, and Long Lasting with Advanced Spectrum Performance!

compact LED

The Most Effective Grow Light On The Market

Pedigree and Performance. The Harvester 110 home grow light uses tested, proven, and patented commercial LED technology to create an engineered LED light solution that delivers results like no other on the market. With years of research and commercial grow trials behind it… the flowerPOWER Harvester 110 is the most effective grow light you can buy with a limited Lifetime Warranty.


Limited Lifetime Warranty - (Lifetime on all mechanical parts and 5 Years on electrical parts). This means years of maintenance free performance.

Proudly Made in Canada

Keeping jobs in Canada.

flowerPOWER engineered LED horticulture lights are proudly made in Canada.

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